To be or not to be, that is the question!


If memory serves me correctly I believe when William Shakespeare wrote this line for Hamlet it was rather complex and was dealing with his own ideas of the meaning of life and death (and I could be way off here because I found Shakespeare very confusing and it has been a while since I studied it.)  Anyway, I think it is a really good question for today.

For those of you who know me I’ve been going through a bit of a life situation change and my friends closest to me have given me the message that I just need to “Be.”  Well again, for those who know me, I’m an ACTION girl, I make things happen, I coach others on how to make things happen, I’ve even been called (gasp) “controlling.”

So the concept of just “being” is one that is foreign to me.  Ironically when people ask how I’m doing I tell them I’m great and I’m just trying to let things “be” as they should.   But really, I’m behind the scenes trying to make things happen.  I’m the hamster in the wheel and my little legs are going about as fast as they can and I’m just going in circles and I’m not going anywhere.  So in the words of Dr. Phil “How’s that working for you?”

Well, it’s not.  I’m spinning in the wheel and I’ve manifested a cold/flu/sinus thing that is literally forcing me to not do anything.  We are going on week 3 of this and I’m really sick of being sick.  So, I get my lesson here is one of “being.”  Really “being.”  Now I know those who are still reading this is thinking “Yes, finally someone is going to tell me how to do this.”  And I am, so here goes:

Step 1:

You have to finally just say “this is out of my control” (and for us control-freak, A-types this is the hardest piece.) So say it with me:  “this is out of my control.”  And, I know you are still asking “How” do I do this.  Unfortunately, the answer is “you just do it.”  You can ask your Angels for help with this – Ask them to allow you to really release control, allow things to flow to you.  Ask for synchronicities to align for you to follow.  Ask them to take away all worry and fear, take a lot of deep breaths and keep practicing it over and over and over.

Step 2:

Really be “present.”  Stop multi-tasking (and this is coming from the multi-tasking queen.)  Do one thing at a time and embrace the task at hand.  If it is putting laundry in the dryer, just be present doing that – focus on the dampness of the clothes.  Smell the newly washed items as you put them into the dryer.  Feel the dryer sheet as you put it in the dryer.  If you are with your kids, same thing goes – really be “present.” If you are at work, just do one thing at a time.  You will find that you get as much done as you used to only with a whole lot less stress and if you don’t get it all done, it will be there tomorrow.

Step 3:

Identify and focus on the desired outcome and let the “how” unfold.  Take a minute each day and remember what we learned in Kindergarten and use your imagination.  Close your eyes and really imagine what you want; imagine what it “feels” like and see yourself already having/doing/being what you want.  This also takes lots and lots of practice.

Step 4:

Follow the synchronicities that will present themselves (and they will.)  Trust your intuition and follow what is presented – even if it isn’t exactly what you “think” it should be.  Trust and go with it!

Step 5:

Embrace and enjoy the process. If you look at it as if it is work then you won’t do it.  If you look at is as a way to slow down and just “BE” you have a much better chance of getting everything you want in life.

Don’t wait like I did and get sick before you allow yourself to “BE.”  Learn from my mistake and start right now, enjoy the present and enjoy just “being” and watch the magic unfold around you.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and I’d love to hear about yours too!   I’d love to hear your comments and the things you are working on.  The more people you tell the more chance you have of accomplishing anything!  I’m happy to “be” your cheerleader!

In the words of William Shakespeare, Parting is such sweet sorrow:  Until next time!

Many Angel Blessings,


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